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This report is being submitted based on a request by the lending institution. As of July 1992, the reports are considered reliable for up to 15 days.

The report is merely an inspection based on physical evidence at the time, and it should be understood clearly that it in no way represents any warranties, either expressed or implied. In fact, it is illegal to place a warranty on a termite inspection report.

According to law, this report is based on an inspection for infestations that were "visible at the time of the inspection." "Visible," in this instance, means readily apparent without physical destruction to look under carpets, between walls, and so forth.

In most cases, this report was contracted for by the seller. If the buyer has any questions on the content of the report, reported observations, or related matters you should feel free to contact us.

In some cases where we note visible evidence of infestation, it is not economically feasible to perform total control measures. As an example, this would be the case where we inspect one unit of a 10-story high-rise building. In order to guarantee total eradication, the entire structure would have to be "tented."

In other cases where minor infestation is observed, it is not prudent to "tent" the whole structure when spot treatment could do the job at far less cost to everyone. In these cases, we perform partial control measures, such as spot treatment.

No guarantees or warranties can be placed on spot treatment since total control was not performed. Spot treatments attack visible problems and cannot be considered a foolproof method.

If you have any questions about your pest control operator, inspection reports, or need to know if you pest control operator is properly licensed for your protection, call the Hawaii Pest Control Association.

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